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Mister Antoine Marduel successfully completed a 10 week course in Character Kinematics at Gnomon School of Visual effects.  He has demonstrated a knowledge of:

  • Creation and editing of skeletons
  • Use of setDrivenKeys and utility nodes
  • MEL scripting to create and edit kinematic systems
  • Application of Inverse Kinematics to joint skeletons
  • Integration of Inverse Kinematics into a control structure
  • Use of Maya's Spline IK
  • Constraint creation and blending
During the course, Mister Marduel was very attentive in class and was diligent to take notes.   The questions he asked were pertinent to the topic at hand and promoted discussion regarding class topics.  His work was good, and he demonstrated the ability to apply concepts from the lecture to his work at home.

Best regards,

John Hood
Course Director, Kinematics
Gnomon School of Visual Effects

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